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W O M E N ' S   G R O U P

Hello All 


I'm Super Excited about this group called CHARGED UP... It's a movement of Woman who will inspire and support one another through life. A movement that allows us to love one another and be happy for the success of one another. GOD has placed this on my heart for many years and today I start this chapter in my life. 


Part of my purpose in life is to see you Win and encourage you daily to move forward. I will be here every step of the way. Alot of times we don't have support in our lives and we lean or attach ourselves to people or things we don't need. It's a cry for Help but GOD wants you to know that He is here and I'm a vessel that will be used as His mouthpiece. I don't take this lightly, it's a passion of mine to see you WIN. It's Time!!!


Also, many woman I know are having conferences and starting groups so we will definitely interact with them... We're stronger together!!


Sabrina Gallion
Founder, Charged Up Women's Group
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To see every woman succeed and reach their fullest potential in all areas of their life. To be Free.


Monthly outings to celebrate life & 

   support other woman ministries 

1 Vacation every 2 years

One on One Discussions


Volunteer Work 

and so much more!!!



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