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Hello All,


I'm Super Excited about this group called CHARGED UP... It's a movement of Woman who will inspire and support one another through life. A movement that allows us to love one another and be happy for the success of one another. GOD has placed this on my heart for many years and today I start this chapter in my life. 


Part of my purpose in life is to see you Win and encourage you daily to move forward. I will be here every step of the way. Alot of times we don't have support in our lives and we lean or attach ourselves to people or things we don't need. It's a cry for Help but GOD wants you to know that He is here and I'm a vessel that will be used as His mouthpiece. I don't take this lightly, it's a passion of mine to see you WIN. It's Time!!!


Also, many woman I know are having conferences and starting groups so we will definitely interact with them... We're stronger together!!


Sabrina Gallion
Founder, Charged Up Women's Group
Sabrina Gallion Blue Dress Cutout.png

Sabrina Gallion has always had a great heart to serve people. As a goal oriented and business savvy Financial Specialist professional she has made it her mandate to showcase innovative resources to assist people in their financial needs. Sabrina’s mission is to provide financial literacy in individuals and families by bringing understanding about retirement . Her goal is to educate and equip people with the tools they need to save for a life event, such as a marriage, moving, birth, savings, and retirement. Sabrina’s passion is to advocate the importance of having life insurance, and how it can be a burden on your family if you pass away and there is no life insurance plan in place.

Knowing the importance of having technical skills to match her drive to help, Sabrina went to school at WSSU, Salem College & NIU. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and minored in Public Administration. Sabrina’s passion is for people to come out of poverty and utilize the resources around them to become better stewards of the money they create.


The exemplary work Sabrina has done in the last 6 years in the financial industry has not gone unnoticed. She has garnered many accolades from her superiors for Outstanding Work In Customer

Service, and is known for going above and beyond on any project she leads. Sabrina’s love to help people has moved her outside of the United States to share her heart to serve with others. Traveling with her church missions team to Africa, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Haiti to assist with empowering and uplifting all those she met. To date, Sabrina lives in Chicago, IL, with her husband and three children where she is changing the face of every community that she travels through.

Contact Sabrina to learn more about financial opportunities that will be the perfect fit for you!


A Snippet of My Transformation


In the upper left corner that's me in the club...I would Club Hop every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I knew GOD, but somethings I didn't want to give up. 


In the upper right corner that's me receiving Deliverance from Yolanda Stith. In my process, so many ANWAnians have touched this head of mine and prayed for me. I'm forever grateful. Names will be revealed in my book...coming soon.


The two pictures of me below. are freedom photos. I'm no longer a Club-head but a Church-head and I love promoting my church. They have equipped me with the necessary things I need to survive in this world. Also, they introduced me to a real relationship with the Savior and every week I drink from the well. (Also, if deliverance is needed I receive that as well, nobody is perfect.


A Snippet 

Try GOD out and see how your life will be transformed. Also, the transformation never stops, He continues to take you Higher once you're ready! Life gets better and I refuse to go back. Forward Motion.

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